North American Distributor of the highest quality frozen fish bait.

We are wholesale distributors of premium bait products on Vancouver Island and serving all of North America. The Rhys Davis name has been around for 60 years and is known for the highest quality and standards in frozen bait. Along with the Rhys Davis Lures it has proven to be a winning combination.

Wholesale bait products:

Rhys Davis Anchovies Bait:

Small 5” Anchovies (14 per tray) 40 per case
Medium 5 ¼” Anchovies (12 per tray) 40 per case
Large 5 ½” (10 per tray) 40 per case
X-Large 6” Anchovies (8 per tray) 36 per case

Rhys Davis Herring:

Small 6-7”  (green) Vacuum Packed Herring 44 per case
Medium 7-8”  (blue) Vacuum Packed Herring 40 per case
Large 8-9”  (purple) Vacuum Packed Herring 36 per case
X-Large 9-10” (black) Vacuum Packed Herring 30 per case

Other bait products available:

Grays Harbor Squid:

Squid – 1 lb. tray 35 per case

Pacific Octopus:

Octopus – ½ lb. tray 42 per case
Octopus – 2 ½ lb. tray 16 per case

Pacific Saury:

Great for Halibut and other ground fishing 28 per case


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